I'm a retired 747 captain for Northwest/Delta Airlines.

I started flying in high school in Gainesville, Florida. I graduated from Colorado State University in 1976 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Microbiology/Environmental Health. I live on a ranch in eastern Oregon under the PGE Biglow wind project. We farm 10,000 soft, white, winter wheat.

My photos represent my travels and my life. They are a small sampling of my collection. If you don't see want you want, ask me - I just might have it in storage, or I can adjust a photo to meet your needs. I have the prices set at $10 a photo, but some may be purchased for less depending on your needs.


I'm a retired 747 captain for Northwest Airlines/Delta Air Lines. I flew between the United States and out of Narita, Japan throughout Asia for most of my career and loved it!

My book, "Ups and Downs," is available in paperback (black and white photos) and Kindle (color photos) on Amazon.


I also wrote a travel book, To the Edges of the World.


My first fiction book, "Breakfast in Narita" is available at Klindts bookstore in The Dalles, Oregon and on Amazon.


My photos represent a small portion of my library. If you don't see what you want or need... ask! I just might have it in my archives, or I can adjust a photo to meet your needs.

Any questions or problems, I will correct or make right. Many of my photos are outdoors, so there is a lot of wind and dust out where I live, acres of it, and occasionally I miss a speck.

My prices are more than reasonable—I love to share and hope you will respect me by naming me as the photographer, with links to my photo deck account, when you use my photos commercially.

This is my hobby, not my career. I live on a wheat ranch in eastern Oregon where we farm 10,000 acres and live underneath the PGE Biglow windfarm. I do motivational speaking with at-risk kids, STEM programs, camps, and school groups. Contact me if you are interested!

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